A project’s interior design is the all-important finishing touch – capable of transforming a building into a home, a store into an experience, and four walls into an office. From furnishings to finishes, we work with our long list of trusted industry contacts to attend to a project’s every interior design detail.


It’s an idea and place that is always evolving. We respond by adjusting our thinking and creating ideas and solutions that reflect the ever-changing needs for space, sustainability, health and comfort. Building a home is more than walls, windows and doors. It’s a design process that includes strategic planning, programmatic efficiency, and sustainability and cost drivers for large-scale developments. We use our experience to design spaces that enhance the meaning of home.

Ms. K.N.K. De Silva



A building does not stand alone, but rather, it becomes enmeshed in the surrounding urban fabric – situating the element of master planning at the crux of expert architectural design. Projecting how a development will fit into its environment inclusive of surrounding neighborhoods, parks, and transportation networks is essential to its success.
Paying homage to the revered principle, form ever follows function; we utilize research & analysis, strategic planning, public consultation, incentive plans and regulatory strategies to help ensure a development exceeds its intended goals.



We are well-versed with the intricacies involved in constructing buildings from the ground up. Our extensive network of top of the line mechanical engineers, structural engineers, construction groups, consultants, and expeditors allows us to coordinate all elements of a ground up project from concept through completion.


Kangaroo Property House Architect is dedicated to the pursuit of outstanding design. We are simultaneously involved in the past, present and future – experts in the foundations of classical architecture, the trends of today, and on the horizon of what has yet to come.

Our ability to execute all facets of architectural design with an efficiency that can only come from years of experience leads us to produce inspired and timeless work, expertly tailored to fulfill the needs of our clients.



Ms. KNK De Silva’s consulting studio that assists and guides our design staff in implementing sustainable processes and strategies. From our growing knowledge pool, we apply best practices across projects and industries, and communicate daily with project teams in order to create maximum energy efficiency and a minimal lifetime footprint.



We understand a building’s position within the greater context.

We recognize its impact on its immediate surroundings and the environment as a whole, and we continually work to be responsible stewards of our neighborhoods and our planet.

It is with this spirit that we approach projects with not merely an attitude of how we can create a minimal footprint, but rather how can we inspire and motivate behavior within and even beyond the structure.



Whatever the ultimate purpose of a project is, we are skilled in masterfully designing layouts that are both elegant and efficient.

We excel in strategic layout design aimed at maximizing a project’s potential, even in situations where the available space is less than ideal.